F45 Louisville


A workout at an F45 Training facility is unlike any workout you’ve ever experienced. The 29 different workout experiences are all 45 minutes to an hour long and workout every single part of the body for a full-body workout experience. The approach to fitness at F45 Louisville combines three training methods that are guaranteed to burn fat and build lean muscle. By incorporating high-intensity interval training, circuit training, and functional training, every workout at F45 Louisville delivers a new workout experience that effects every body part and muscle group. If you feel like you’re in a rut at the gym or have hit a plateau on your fitness journey, try F45 Louisville!


The F45 Louisville workout approach combines HIIT, interval, and circuit training and delivers 29 different workout classes to members. The combination of fitness approaches guarantees a full-body workout every time members walk through the doors at F45 Louisvilleand no two workouts are exactly alike.  Whether you’re looking for a cardio-based workout or something that is more rooted in resistance training, the workout is available at your nearest F45 in Louisville, Kentucky.

F45 St. Matthews Functional Training Facility located in Louisville, Kentucky


Kick off or pump up your workout journey at F45 Louisville by participating in the 8 Week Challenge. Guaranteed to transform your body from head to toe, the 8 Week Challenge combines a fitness regimen with a nutritional plan and online support community. During the 8 Week Challenge, F45 Louisville members can track their progress through the Challenge Dashboard, gain access to exclusive meal plans and grocery shopping lists, and refer to an online community for help or support. The 8 Week program, exclusive to F45 Louisville, is designed to shed body fat then build structured and defined muscles over a two-month period.